Amino Acids

Protein supplement is considered the most popular muscle supplement that every body builder uses. These supplements come in many forms ranging from powder, pills, or protein bars. The importance of protein in body building sport cannot be shadowed. However, protein is not needed for itself, what is needed is the amino acids that the body synthesizes when consuming protein. There are twenty two essential amino acids identified, eight of which are essential. By essential amino acid it is meant that it cannot be processed by the body and need to be supplied directly from food.

There are three essential amino acids that are called muscle aminos. The properties of these amino acids are that they are metabolized in the muscles and not in the liver. These amino acids are known as branched-chain amino acids, or BCAAs, because of their molecular structure. Whey protein is a muscle supplement that is rich in BCAAs.

BCAAs play a major role when a body builder is on a low carbohydrates diet. Basically when carbohydrates are low the body looks for the amino acids for energy. This will lead to muscle degeneration. Thus taking a muscle supplement rich in these amino acids before your workout will prevent from muscle loss.

Following are three main reasons why you should include BCAAs as a muscle supplement:

First, the use of branched chain amino acids boosts your immune system. Body building training puts an enormous amount of pressure on your body. After your intense workout your body needs recovery, and that is not restricted to muscles only. Your body is exposed to illness as well.

Since branched chain amino acids cannot be produced by the body then it has to be administered as additional muscle supplement.

Second, when you use BCAAs you make sure that the overall amino acids stay above the required level. This is especially important in case of strict diets when there are many restrictions to protein sources such as meat, eggs, and dairy products. When following such a diet you should make sure that your overall level of amino acids is under control.

Third, branched chain amino acids ensure peak synthesis of muscle tissues. To build muscles you need your body to recover old tissues while building new tissues at the same time. To do this your body needs two things: building blocks to grow muscles and the energy to do the job. The later is done by the carbohydrates while the former can be done by providing the body with appropriate amino acids. To reach optimum results you should combine your BCAA consumption with insulin response that coming from glucose molecules.

Branched chain amino acids muscle supplement can carry a lot of benefits to you as a body builder. These amino acids are preferred by many body builders for the boost that it provides in building muscle mass.