How to Increase Testosterone Naturally

Everybody in the body building sport knows the importance of high level of testosterone to body builders. This ingredient is considered one of the most dramatic to body building success. However, before jumping to the next testosterone boosting supplement let’s have a look how to increase testosterone naturally in your body.

In reality what makes testosterone as a muscle building agent is its combination with a protein located in your cells called androgen receptors. Testosterone can build big muscles only when it binds with this protein. In other words, testosterone will not work unless this protein works as an agent to transport it into muscle cells.

There are three steps that you can take to ensure that the testosterone is produced naturally by your body without the need of any supplementation.

1.Cycle your training efforts. One of the confusing facts is that androgen receptors react well to high intensity training whereas testosterone reacts well to heavy training. In order to keep both at optimal levels you should cycle your sets between high repetition and low repetition sets.

To do that keep training in high repletion sets for a week and then the next week just add one heavy weight – low repetition set at the end of your training.

2.Be patient to see rewards. Studies have shown that following this way, body builders saw results after extended periods of time. If you are newbie, or an experienced body builder who is newly implementing this method, then you need to wait for a while. Just do not speed things up, give it a fair chance and you will reap the rewards afterwards.

3.Rotate your protein intake. It has been known for all body builders that you need to bulk on protein in order to grow muscles. However, if you want to stick to this method then you have to cycle your protein intakes by taking low protein during some days and having more protein in other days.

This might seem strange but it is very true. When your body senses that it is undergoing intense training but with insufficient protein then it reacts by binding more testosterone for internal production of protein. However, you should take care that this is a short lived process. You should not stay with low protein intake for many days in a row.

In this article I have shown you how to increase testosterone naturally. As you can see following this method is not complicated and it is very possible to implement. The key to success is controlling your diet and having some patience to achieve what you are looking for.

Supplement For Muscle Gain

If you have a look at the body building publications in the last few years you can easily notice the popularity that nitric oxide is gaining. The body building industry is identifying nitric oxide as the rising supplement for muscle gain.

Nitric oxide by definition is a gas that is emitted when enzymes converts one of the amino acids called L-arginine to L-citruline. This gas helps body builders since it dilates the blood vessels leading to more nutrients and oxygen to feed the muscles. In addition to the role in passing nutrients one of the positive effects of nitric oxide is that it reduces blood pressure.

Nitric oxide is found naturally in our bodies; however the quantities available are not sufficient to cause the pump effect that most body builders are looking for. Therefore scientists were successful in developing a supplement that increases the amount of this material in our bodies.

The recommended dosage of this supplement varies from person to person. The best way to find out what the most suitable portion to you is to try what is called tolerance dosing. Start with small portions of this supplement and increase it by the passage of time till you reach the dose that achieves maximum muscle gain without side effects.

Critics of nitric oxide supplements state that the extra dose will not have such a large effect since our bodies have an internal regulatory system which prevents the additional dose to be used. As this might be a valid point, a lot of studies have been made to body builders athletes which had positive results on the muscle pump.

As a conclusion whether nitric oxide is a suitable supplement for muscle gain or not is subject to personal judgment. The benefits that many body builders have experienced make it worthy of trial.

Should You Use Nitric Oxide as a Muscle Supplement

In past years bodybuilders used to take two kinds of supplements to help them build muscles: pre workout and post workout. The pre workout muscle supplement is responsible for giving the body more energy to perform harder pumps, while the post workout supplement helps the body to recover faster.

In present days there is an amino acid that is gaining popularity in the body building world. This amino acid is called L-Arginine. What is important to you as a body builder is not the amino acid itself but the gas that our bodies produce when synthesizing it, which is known as nitric oxide.

The reason that this gas is gaining popularity is because it can act as a pre workout and a post workout muscle supplement at the same time.

In its role as a pre workout supplement, Nitric oxide is known as a vasodilator. What this means is that it relaxes the blood vessels thus allowing nutrients and oxygen to pass more easily to the muscles helping body builders to perform more intense workout and to gain muscles.

On the other hand, as a post workout supplement, nitric oxide increases the oxygen supply in our bodies as a whole which means that our bodies have more efficient circulatory system thus helping for faster recovery.

Thus body builders can have double effect and they can build muscles faster. First, this muscle supplement has provided them with the ability to do more intense workout and secondly it has helped their bodies to recover faster enabling them to go to the gym sooner and doing more exercise.

There are many studies that encourage taking nitric oxide on an empty stomach which makes the morning time the best time to benefit from it. However, many trainers recommend to take nitric oxide before and after workouts.

You should take note however that this should not replace a good diet. A diet rich in protein is essential to build muscles. As with other supplements, nitric oxide should be taken to supplement your diet and to give a boost to your body building efforts.

Diets For Building Muscles

Nearly all the diets for building muscles recommend taking supplements to increase your performance and muscle size. All body builders are well aware of this fact however many of them do not know what are the right supplements.

In this article I am going to discuss the basic supplements that you should certainly include in your muscle build diet.

Body building success comes from three main factors: serious training, balanced food, and after that comes the supplements. Do not get me wrong. Supplements are wonderful and can boost your body building efforts but you cannot rely on it without having the first two components in place.

To start with, before considering any supplements you should consult your physician. Some bodies might not tolerate all supplements and thus taking these supplements might be harmful.

After you get your clearance from the doctor you can go ahead and pick what supplements are useful for your body. I will mention three of the most important supplements that are gaining popularity in the body building sport for their efficiency in building mass muscle.

First comes creatine monohydrate. This supplement has been under a lot of discussion in the body building world. The good thing about it is that 95% is absorbed by the muscle.  In fact creatine monohydrate is produced naturally in our livers, kidneys, and pancreas. Body builders usually use a supplementation since it helps in increasing size and strength.

Creatine is usually taken in two phases: loading phase and maintenance phase.

Second, is L-Glutamine. This is another natural supplement that is produced by the body. It is important because it is considered as the cellular fuel for the immune system. It helps in minimizing the breakdown of muscles after a heavy training.

Lastly comes nitric oxide. This supplement is relatively new to the body building world. Nitric oxide is a free form gas and it is considered as a vaso-dilator. What this means is that it makes the blood vessels more relaxed so nutrients can pass more easily and thus the body and muscle become more nourished.

Picking the right kind of nutrient can be confusing, however following the guidelines that are outlined in this article is a sure way to have a sound start. These supplements are part of all diets for building muscles. They are very useful only if you put them in their right perspective and do not rely solely on them.

Amino Acids

Protein supplement is considered the most popular muscle supplement that every body builder uses. These supplements come in many forms ranging from powder, pills, or protein bars. The importance of protein in body building sport cannot be shadowed. However, protein is not needed for itself, what is needed is the amino acids that the body synthesizes when consuming protein. There are twenty two essential amino acids identified, eight of which are essential. By essential amino acid it is meant that it cannot be processed by the body and need to be supplied directly from food.

There are three essential amino acids that are called muscle aminos. The properties of these amino acids are that they are metabolized in the muscles and not in the liver. These amino acids are known as branched-chain amino acids, or BCAAs, because of their molecular structure. Whey protein is a muscle supplement that is rich in BCAAs.

BCAAs play a major role when a body builder is on a low carbohydrates diet. Basically when carbohydrates are low the body looks for the amino acids for energy. This will lead to muscle degeneration. Thus taking a muscle supplement rich in these amino acids before your workout will prevent from muscle loss.

Following are three main reasons why you should include BCAAs as a muscle supplement:

First, the use of branched chain amino acids boosts your immune system. Body building training puts an enormous amount of pressure on your body. After your intense workout your body needs recovery, and that is not restricted to muscles only. Your body is exposed to illness as well.

Since branched chain amino acids cannot be produced by the body then it has to be administered as additional muscle supplement.

Second, when you use BCAAs you make sure that the overall amino acids stay above the required level. This is especially important in case of strict diets when there are many restrictions to protein sources such as meat, eggs, and dairy products. When following such a diet you should make sure that your overall level of amino acids is under control.

Third, branched chain amino acids ensure peak synthesis of muscle tissues. To build muscles you need your body to recover old tissues while building new tissues at the same time. To do this your body needs two things: building blocks to grow muscles and the energy to do the job. The later is done by the carbohydrates while the former can be done by providing the body with appropriate amino acids. To reach optimum results you should combine your BCAA consumption with insulin response that coming from glucose molecules.

Branched chain amino acids muscle supplement can carry a lot of benefits to you as a body builder. These amino acids are preferred by many body builders for the boost that it provides in building muscle mass.

6 Muscle Supplements for Hardgainers

Muscle supplement industry is growing every day. With new products constantly hitting the market you must be confused what you should be taking. It is true that using the right muscle supplement is important to your success as a bodybuilder, but there are some essential factors that you should take care of before you start agonizing yourself about using excessive supplements.

First thing that you should be taking care of is your nutrition. Supplements should be used as their name represent, as supplements to real food. You should not consider them as replacement. So, before taking any of the supplements ask yourself the following questions:

Are you taking enough protein from natural sources every three hours?

Are you taking more calories than you should?

Are you getting a balanced diet from carbohydrates, protein, and good fat?

The other important facor that you should consider as well is your exercise. You should be exercising regularly for 45 to 60 minutes 3-5 days each week to see meaningful results.

When you accomplish the above two essential elements then you can consider what muscle supplement you should take.

Following are six basic supplements that can add huge muscle mass on your body:

1.Whey protein

Whey protein is a high quality protein which can be digested easily by the body. This makes it a perfect for your pre workout and post workout consumption.

If you want to reap the benefit of such a protein you need to add carbohydrates to it in the form of sugar or dextrose. Aim for a 2:1 proportion of carbohydrates calories to protein calories.

2.Casein protein

Unfortunately a lot of body builders think that whey protein is the only kind of protein that is needed. This is not true. If you are looking for a protein that can be absorbed slowly by your body then you should include casein protein your supplement list. The benefits are that it can give you bursts of protein over a long period of time.

3.Essential fatty acids

These essential fatty acids are popular for their aid in recovery after the workout. However, it carries much more benefits in terms of protecting the bones and releasing testosterone, all of which increase the muscle mass big deal.


Mutli vitamins are important because they can carry protein and other nutrients through the muscles and to release growth hormones. Vitamins are abundant in natural foods, however if you feel that you are unable to take the required dosage from natural options then you should try to take supplements.


Creatine is found naturally in our bodies. The existence of this nutrient gives us the power to complete an intense workout. The replenishment of any deficiency assists in completing a full intense workout.

A lot of it will cause side effects, so it is better to start with small amounts and then you can increase until you maximize benefits and minimize side effects. And do not forget to drink a lot of water when you take creatine.


Glutamine also is found naturally in our bodies. Its mission is to help in the stress that you are putting your body through in your workout. Having glutamine in the right level will help you recover from your workout.

There are a lot of supplements that you can take that will help you in building better body and bigger muscles. You might need to add another muscle supplement or two to the six supplements that are mentioned above. However, you should always consider any supplement as a supplement only and not as a replacement to your natural food sources.