How to Increase Testosterone Naturally

Everybody in the body building sport knows the importance of high level of testosterone to body builders. This ingredient is considered one of the most dramatic to body building success. However, before jumping to the next testosterone boosting supplement let’s have a look how to increase testosterone naturally in your body.

In reality what makes testosterone as a muscle building agent is its combination with a protein located in your cells called androgen receptors. Testosterone can build big muscles only when it binds with this protein. In other words, testosterone will not work unless this protein works as an agent to transport it into muscle cells.

There are three steps that you can take to ensure that the testosterone is produced naturally by your body without the need of any supplementation.

1.Cycle your training efforts. One of the confusing facts is that androgen receptors react well to high intensity training whereas testosterone reacts well to heavy training. In order to keep both at optimal levels you should cycle your sets between high repetition and low repetition sets.

To do that keep training in high repletion sets for a week and then the next week just add one heavy weight – low repetition set at the end of your training.

2.Be patient to see rewards. Studies have shown that following this way, body builders saw results after extended periods of time. If you are newbie, or an experienced body builder who is newly implementing this method, then you need to wait for a while. Just do not speed things up, give it a fair chance and you will reap the rewards afterwards.

3.Rotate your protein intake. It has been known for all body builders that you need to bulk on protein in order to grow muscles. However, if you want to stick to this method then you have to cycle your protein intakes by taking low protein during some days and having more protein in other days.

This might seem strange but it is very true. When your body senses that it is undergoing intense training but with insufficient protein then it reacts by binding more testosterone for internal production of protein. However, you should take care that this is a short lived process. You should not stay with low protein intake for many days in a row.

In this article I have shown you how to increase testosterone naturally. As you can see following this method is not complicated and it is very possible to implement. The key to success is controlling your diet and having some patience to achieve what you are looking for.