Should You Use Nitric Oxide as a Muscle Supplement

In past years bodybuilders used to take two kinds of supplements to help them build muscles: pre workout and post workout. The pre workout muscle supplement is responsible for giving the body more energy to perform harder pumps, while the post workout supplement helps the body to recover faster.

In present days there is an amino acid that is gaining popularity in the body building world. This amino acid is called L-Arginine. What is important to you as a body builder is not the amino acid itself but the gas that our bodies produce when synthesizing it, which is known as nitric oxide.

The reason that this gas is gaining popularity is because it can act as a pre workout and a post workout muscle supplement at the same time.

In its role as a pre workout supplement, Nitric oxide is known as a vasodilator. What this means is that it relaxes the blood vessels thus allowing nutrients and oxygen to pass more easily to the muscles helping body builders to perform more intense workout and to gain muscles.

On the other hand, as a post workout supplement, nitric oxide increases the oxygen supply in our bodies as a whole which means that our bodies have more efficient circulatory system thus helping for faster recovery.

Thus body builders can have double effect and they can build muscles faster. First, this muscle supplement has provided them with the ability to do more intense workout and secondly it has helped their bodies to recover faster enabling them to go to the gym sooner and doing more exercise.

There are many studies that encourage taking nitric oxide on an empty stomach which makes the morning time the best time to benefit from it. However, many trainers recommend to take nitric oxide before and after workouts.

You should take note however that this should not replace a good diet. A diet rich in protein is essential to build muscles. As with other supplements, nitric oxide should be taken to supplement your diet and to give a boost to your body building efforts.