Supplement For Muscle Gain

If you have a look at the body building publications in the last few years you can easily notice the popularity that nitric oxide is gaining. The body building industry is identifying nitric oxide as the rising supplement for muscle gain.

Nitric oxide by definition is a gas that is emitted when enzymes converts one of the amino acids called L-arginine to L-citruline. This gas helps body builders since it dilates the blood vessels leading to more nutrients and oxygen to feed the muscles. In addition to the role in passing nutrients one of the positive effects of nitric oxide is that it reduces blood pressure.

Nitric oxide is found naturally in our bodies; however the quantities available are not sufficient to cause the pump effect that most body builders are looking for. Therefore scientists were successful in developing a supplement that increases the amount of this material in our bodies.

The recommended dosage of this supplement varies from person to person. The best way to find out what the most suitable portion to you is to try what is called tolerance dosing. Start with small portions of this supplement and increase it by the passage of time till you reach the dose that achieves maximum muscle gain without side effects.

Critics of nitric oxide supplements state that the extra dose will not have such a large effect since our bodies have an internal regulatory system which prevents the additional dose to be used. As this might be a valid point, a lot of studies have been made to body builders athletes which had positive results on the muscle pump.

As a conclusion whether nitric oxide is a suitable supplement for muscle gain or not is subject to personal judgment. The benefits that many body builders have experienced make it worthy of trial.